There is always someone who has information that can help solve crime. These are the people who should call Crime Stoppers anonymously and provide a tip that will help investigators identify those responsible. In any investigation police and other law enforcement agencies encounter individuals who will not directly provide information.


The three key reasons are:
• Fear of reprisal
• An attitude of apathy
• Reluctance to get involved.


Crime Stoppers breaks through these barriers by giving people the opportunity to provide information without directly speaking to police or having to testify in court. Obviously, investigators need witnesses to help prove their case in court, but most importantly they need information that allows them to zero in on a suspect or a criminal operation such as a drug trafficking network.


Tips to Crime Stoppers does not give police evidence they require to arrest an individual but puts them on the right track to solve a crime. Cash rewards from Hamilton County Crime Stoppers also motivates some people to call anonymously with information that will be vital to investigators.